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Catfish: Farm Raised vs. Line Caught


Our cornmeal fried catfish is a popular choice, made with farm-raised catfish filets from Ittabena, Mississippi. But why farm-raised? Wouldn’t line-caught catfish be a more authentically “southern” choice? Chef Raymond Jackson says “Farm-raised catfish are more readily available, plus they have a cleaner, fresher taste. Line-caught catfish are bottom feeders, so their flesh can have an earthy flavor. The taste of farm-raised catfish is more acceptable to a wider range of palates.”

Besides tasting great, farm-raised catfish is a healthy choice: Each three-ounce serving has about 25 percent of your daily protein needs, and because they are kept in clean, aerated pens that use well water and consume vegetarian feed they are very low in contaminants such as mercury. Farm-raised catfish are also eco-friendly and sustainable – the National Audubon Society, Monterey Bay Aquarium and Environmental Defense all rate U.S. farm-raised catfish a safe environmental choice.

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