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What are “Sky Vegetables”?

Summer salad close up

New on our fall menu is an Autumn Salad featuring Sky Vegetables dandelion and mustard greens dressed with an apple cider vinaigrette and tossed with grilled Granny Smith apples and dried cranberries. (Yes it is as delicious as it sounds!) But what are “Sky Vegetables”? In fact Sky Vegetables is an innovative urban agriculture company that is building sustainable, commercial-scale hydroponic farms on rooftops across America, including right here in NYC. Sky Vegetables are chemical free and locally grown.

Sky Vegetable farms run on the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), wherein all nutrients are fed into a shallow stream of water. It’s a closed-loop system. The plants absorb what they need of the nutrients and the remainder is caught in the tank and used again. Sky Vegetables harvests about 2,500 pounds of herbs, lettuce, kale and other green leafy produce each week from their Bronx farm. They package and sell much of it for a local community supported agriculture (CSA) share and for Fresh Direct, the grocery delivery company. They also donate a percentage of their harvest to a local food bank. Alvin & Friends is happy to partner with Sky Vegetables to highlight locally-grown produce.

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