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Planning Your Wedding at Alvin & Friends

     From the warm welcome and the sophisticated,urban vibe to the elegant décor, live music and scrumptious food, dining at Alvin & Friends is more than a night out, it’s an experience. And you can share that experience with your friends and family when you book your wedding
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Turducken: The Frankenstein of Fowl?

   It’s been called the Frankenstein of Fowl: The Turducken is a deboned chicken inside a deboned duck, inside a deboned turkey, with savory stuffing layered between the birds, and Chef Raymond Jackson shows you how to prepare one on a special Thanksgiving episode of Restaurant
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Our Most Requested Recipe: Shrimp & Grits

Our Most Requested Recipe: Shrimp & Grits One of our most requested dishes is Shrimp & Grits. Chef Raymond Jackson demonstrated how he prepares this Alvin & Friends favorite for Rob Petrone’s TV show Restaurant Hunter  and shared the recipe, so we are posting it here
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Autumn Recipe: Pepperpot Soup

American legend has it that General George Washington kept his men from starving at Valley Forge with Pepper-pot Soup. Although this dish had its origins in the West Indies, it was actually quite popular in Philadelphia during Colonial times:  Washington himself may have been
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Yes, We Do Weddings!

One of our favorite “regulars” is Nick Carter, who happens to be an award winning photographer (­). Nick specializes in events, particularly weddings, and recently he snapped some great photos of a wedding that took place in our private dining room. Our
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A Model Restaurateur

If you know a little about Alvin’s background, you probably know that he was a professional model in the 1980s and 90s, so it’s no surprise that he was asked to be one of four men being featured in the new “Real Rothmans” ad campaign (The oversized posters began appearing on
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True Grits

One of our signature dishes is Shrimp & Grits and, as Chef Raymond Jackson told the Restaurant Hunter TV show recently, “No self-respecting southerner uses instant grits  – we import our stone-ground grits from Oxford, Mississippi. “ So what’s so special about our grits? We
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Ready for Our Close Up!

Ready for Our Close Up! Recently Alvin & Friends has been featured on two local  TV shows, Restaurant Hunter (FIOS channel 1) and Toni On! New York (WLNY channel 55 and WCBS channel 2). The shows were fun to watch – but as we discovered a lot of work goes into those 2 or 3
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Catfish: Farm Raised vs. Line Caught

Our cornmeal fried catfish is a popular choice, made with farm-raised catfish filets from Ittabena, Mississippi. But why farm-raised? Wouldn’t line-caught catfish be a more authentically “southern” choice? Chef Raymond Jackson says “Farm-raised catfish are more readily available,
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